How To Grill Fish

Summer is just around the corner, and the grill is ready to go!  Let’s cook some fish!

Grilling fish is easy and fast. You can literally get fish off the grill in a matter of minutes, thus making fish the perfect after work meal. Pick up a couple of fillets, a lemon or two and light up the grill as soon as you get home.

Grilled fish is flavorful and juicy. The direct heat cooks fish fast, easy and without removing moisture. The key to grilling fish is to make sure it doesn’t stick. Whether you oil the cooking surface or brush the fish with a little oil, make sure that you have a non-stick surface to work with.

To prevent the fish from sticking, the grill needs to be cleaned. Cover the grill right when the coals have all lit and the fire is at its hottest. With a gas grill, turn it up high and cover it. Five minutes of this heat will make it  easy to brush away anything left on the grill grate using a good grill brush. Then, wipe oil on the grates using a cloth or paper towel soaked with some vegetable or olive oil.

The best fish to put on the grill include halibut, tuna,

swordfish, haddock, salmon, mahi-mahi and grouper

More delicate fish (like flounder, snapper and tilapia) tend to break up and fall through the grates when placed directly on the grill, so here are a few simple methods to prevent that.

One way to keep fish from breaking apart is by using a fish basket. You place the fish in a wire basket that keeps the fish in place. Instead of flipping the fish itself, you flip the basket that holds the fish so it stays secure without falling apart.

Using a plank is also much easier than grilling fish directly on the grates. The only trick you need to know is that if you are using a wooden plank, you’ll have to soak it in water first for at least two hours before grilling. Simply place your fillets on the pre-soaked plank and cover your grill, and basically let it be until it’s done. No flipping required. You’ll enjoy the subtle smoky flavor grilling on wood gives your food.

Don’t want to use a wooden plank? Make a support out of a double layer of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Spray the foil with cooking spray to prevent sticking.

If you like, use some fresh lemon juice and a little melted butter while you’re grilling. Just brush it on as you grill to add flavor and keep the fish moist.

When the fish cooks through, it starts to flake and becomes opaque, so to test for doneness, take a fork and gently pull back a flaky section in the center. If the fish is opaque with just a bit of translucent center, it’s ready to come off.

When using an instant read thermometer, the fish should be pulled when it registers between 130-135ªF. The fish should reach 140ªF while it rests for a few minutes before you serve it.

Fresh fish with a nice sear and a faint smokiness is an awesome thing and ready to serve as is. A squirt of lemon juice livens it up a bit, but for seafood aficionados, that’s about all you need.

You can also try some sauces and salsas for topping those beautiful filets. A little pesto adds a nice Italian flare, try fresh Sriracha for a garlicy heat, or a grilled pineapple salsa for a fruity touch.

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