Spicy Drunken Shrimp

Lager, porter, pilsner, stout — infuse some succulent shrimp with a bit of your favorite brew and then spice it up with shallots and pepper flakes. This dish is simple to make and oh so easy to eat. Prep time is a half-hour (more if you stop to swill) and it won’t last that long on the plate.

1 pound shrimp

1 bottle of beer  — and please use something with real taste, a craft beer either extra-hoppy (IPA) or something dark and toothy

1 shallot, sliced

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1 teaspoon red pepper flakes, or to taste

1-2 bay leaves

fresh chopped parsley

salt and pepper, to taste

Add shallot, garlic, red pepper flakes, bay leaves and beer in a large saucepan and turn heat on high. Bring to a boil and reduce beer sauce by half, stirring occasionally.

Add shrimp and cook until pink, about 3-4 minutes. Season with salt and pepper, if needed. Serve with crusty bread or on top of rice.

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